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How do I upload product images?

You can upload as many product images as you like for each product. However, we recommend no more than 8 images per item (unless you have different materials or color variations).

  • Go to Products in the online shop management and open an existing product or create a new one.
  • In the right column under Images, click the plus symbol to upload a new image. Alternatively, you can also select different images in your desktop folder and drag and drop them into the field.

When uploading, a square image section must be selected. Note that this is only relevant for the shop overview page. The product images on the item detail page are not affected.

The image in the first position is used in the shop overview. All other images are displayed in a gallery on the product detail page. The order of the images can be changed via drag and drop. To delete an image, hover over an image and click the trash can icon.

Images can be added in JPEG or PNG format and a maximum of 6MB in size.

Updated on 7. March 2023

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