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Can designs be configured individually in the Website Creator?

All design templates in Website Creator are designed by our graphic designers. The most important goal of a good web design is to convey the information on the website in a responsive and goal-oriented way. This includes not only the obvious elements such as color and design, but also the visual language and the positioning of the content to create a consistent layout. All these individual elements play together and combine to form a coherent overall picture.

The layouts are to be considered as a design template and recommendation. However, this does not mean that they must actually be used 1:1. Of course, these can be individually configured and aligned to your own requirements and needs. For example, to align them with your corporate design, to adjust the colors individually to your products/services or to change the font.

Each design template has a basic layout that cannot be changed. However, you can change the design template at any time. Moreover, you can always customize the structure, content and modules (text area, images, etc.) according to your preferences.

Read here how the design templates are built.

For a great guide, check out our ultimate website guide on our blog.

Updated on 7. March 2023
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