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How can I pay my bills automatically?

We currently do not offer direct debit. However, you have the following two variants to choose from:

1. Automatic credit card payment:

Store your credit card so that in future all bills will be automatically and conveniently debited from your credit card. You can use your credit card in the myhosttech customer center under “Invoices”> deposit “automatic credit card payment”.

ATTENTION: Open invoices that have already been invoiced will not be paid automatically after they have been recorded. These must be settled manually.

2. Deposit into your myhosttech customer account:

You are welcome to deposit any amount, which will be added to your customer account as a credit. Due invoices are then automatically deducted from this balance. You can view the credit balance at any time via your customer center. To make a deposit, please log into your myhosttech customer center and go to “Invoices”> “Pay into account”.

Updated on 3. May 2023
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