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How do I change the name servers of a domain?

The name servers of a domain are quasi containers, which contain the DNS records of your domain, and announce these in case of a request. How to change the nameservers of a domain is explained here.

You can change the nameservers of a domain only at the registrar of your domain. So if you haven’t registered the domain with us, you either have to transfer it to us first, or you have to contact your registrar to find out where you can change the nameservers with them.

In your myhosttech customer center you can access the domain center on the left under “Domains”.
Here you can also see whether the domain is registered with us or not.
Select “Details” to the right of the affected domain.

In the menu that opens, you can now click on “Change name server”.

Speziell für Website Creator

If you want to link your domain directly to the Website Creator, deposit the following nameservers with us or your registrar.

  • ns1.website-creator.ch
  • ns2.website-creator.ch
  • ns3.website-creator.ch

Now you can save the desired settings.
Please note that these adjustments have to be processed in the DNS system and it may take up to 24 hours until the new name servers are active.

Updated on 20. March 2023
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