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How do I install an SSL certificate?

Here you can find our FAQ about ordering an SSL certificate: link

After the SSL certificate has been issued by the certification authority, you will be informed by email about the completion of the order. The certificate files are provided to you in the myhosttech customer center .

  • Log in to the myhosttech customer center, go to the server center and click on the settings button on the SSL certificates tab.
  • There you will find the certificate files (certificate & CA certificate). You can display and copy the content with a click.

Then switch to the Plesk control panel, click on SSL/TLS certificates for the corresponding domain and call up the previously created SSL certificate. There you will find fields where you can insert the certificate components. Save this customization.

In order for the SSL certificate to be used correctly, you have to activate an option in Plesk in the hosting settings . There you can activate SSL/TLS support in the Security section, store a 301 forwarding to https and then select the appropriate certificate from the drop-down bar. After saving, it can take up to 10 minutes for this to become active on the website.

Optional: if you want to upload the certificate to another server, you usually need the SSL certificate files. You can paste the certificate details into a text editor, for example, and save them as a .pem or .cert file.

Updated on 2. April 2024
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