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How do I undo something in Website Creator?

You have the option in Website Creator to restore previous versions in the editor. Individual steps are only possible for text entries (see below).

How to create a new version?

If you click the save icon at the top of the editor, it will save and automatically create a new version of this current page.

Tip: The more often you save, the smaller the steps between versions that you can undo.

How do I restore a version?

In the editor on the far left of the toolbar you will find a clock icon with an arrow (above the question mark). There you will find the saved versions with date and time. Click on a version and a recovery pop-up will open, which you still need to confirm.

Attention: Restoring the version applies only to the selected page/menu item and not to the whole project or all pages.

Exception: Undo text

If you edit a text in the content or a text field in menus or other settings in the editor, you can also undo individual steps with the key command Ctrl + Z in Windows or CMD + Z on Mac. However, this only applies to text input and not to design.

Updated on 7. March 2023

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