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How does the Mailchimp extension work?

mailchimp is a paid extension that is offered in the marketplace.

With this extension, you can link forms in the editor to Mailchimp so that the form’s information is transferred to your Mailchimp account. You have then saved the contacts for your newsletter in Mailchimp without having to enter them manually. The eCommerce subscription is required.

To use this extension, you need a Mailchimp account.

  • Go to Marketplace in the menu
  • Click on the Mailchimp extension and enable it
  • Go to Settings in the menu
  • Enter your Mailchimp API key in the corresponding form field.
  • Save the setting
  • Add a form to your page in the editor
  • Click on the form’s gear icon to open the settings
  • Click Manage Form
  • Go to the ‘Mailchimp’ tab at the top of the forms manager
  • Activate Mailchimp
  • Select the target group, in which list of Mailchimp the data should be saved. (To do this, you must first create a list in your Mailchimp account)
  • Map the information to your existing form fields. You do not necessarily have to assign all fields.
  • Click Apply and save the page
Updated on 7. March 2023

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