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How does the QR Invoice extension work?

QR Invoice is a paid online store extension, available in the Marketplace for Swiss customers.

How does the QR Invoice extension work?

If you purchase the module, you can activate QR Invoice under Online Shop > Settings > Payment Methods. Fill in the required information and save. A QR Invoice is now created for orders processed by prepayment or by invoice. The QR invoice is inserted as a separate page in the automatically generated invoice PDF of an order.

The invoice PDF will be sent automatically with the order confirmation. You can find it in the detailed information of an order under Onlineshop > Orders. The person can still decide whether to pay manually via bank transfer or via QR invoice.

A BESR ID as well as a QR IBAN is required so that the QR invoice can be created. Find out about it in advance to make sure you can use the extension properly. Below you will find more information about it.

How is the QR Invoice structured?

QR invoice consists of a payment part and receipt. The information required for the payment is both readable in the payment part and encoded in the Swiss QR code. The receipt on the right contains the same, most important information from the payment section.

  • Account/Payable to: Your IBAN and address information. You can then fill these in in the module or have them taken over from the online store information.
  • Reference: This is created automatically and consists of your account information (digits on the left at the beginning) and the order number (on the right at the end).
  • Additional information: Order number of the online store order will be inserted automatically.
  • Payable by/currency/amount: Automatically inserted by the order.

Was ist die BESR-ID?

BESR stands for “Bank Deposit Slip with Reference Number”. The BESR ID consists of a 6-digit individual number that is specifically assigned to an account and forms the first digits in the reference number. The BESR ID is mandatory for the QR code for all accounts, except for PostFinance accounts the information is voluntary.
If you don’t have a BESR ID yet, you can usually apply for one at your bank.

Was ist die QR-IBAN?

The QR IBAN is a variant of the account number (IBAN). It replaces the ISR subscriber number as a procedural feature. Moreover, it is the identification feature of the procedure, which ensures that the structured reference is always included when paying the QR invoice.

Payment parts with QR-IBAN are recognized via a special identification of the banking institution (QR-IID) within the QR-IBAN. A QR-IID exclusively contains values in the range 30000 – 31999. These are always set to the left of the fifth digit of the IBAN/QR-IBAN.

Example: A bank has e.g. the QR-IID 312345 > QR-IBAN CH01 3123 40012345 6789 0

Wieso braucht es eine spezielle IBAN?

This is a Swiss-wide regulated requirement for QR code use. The QR-IBAN contains a special identification of the banking institution. This ensures the usual efficient processing of incoming payments.

Wo finde ich die QR-IBAN?

Depending on the bank, you can find it in your e-banking, for example. Check out their website, your e-banking or contact the bank’s customer service department.

Updated on 22. March 2023
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