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Is there a send limit on the mail server?

To protect you and other customers on the same system from unpleasant surprises, the following limits exist:

Web hosting
With the XS and Special hosting packages, only a limited number of emails can be sent per hour (100 emails/hour). With our L and XL hosting products there is no limit thanks to extended mail servers.
Hosted Exchange
The maximum number of recipients per message is 200.
Reseller Web Hosting
All reseller web hosting have by default a limit of max. 100 emails per hour set. If you or your customers need a higher number, you can contact technical support.
There is no sending limit with this product.
Managed hosting
There is no sending limit with this product.

This protection mechanism is intended to prevent the server’s IP address from ending up on a so-called blacklist if spam is sent by a customer either intentionally or unintentionally (for example, through a security hole in a script). The entry on a blacklist affects the e-mail reception of all customers on a server and is therefore particularly devastating in a shared hosting environment. A modern email sending system is able to send emails in a staggered manner and thus not exceed this limit.

If you want to extend the mail limit on your L or XL hosting, please contact our technical support.

With the hosting packages L and XL, as well as with the reseller hosting from power, you can also optionally add your own IP address. So your mail service uses an independent & own IP address, which is not affected in case of blacklisting the shared IP of the shared hosting server. Contact our customer service if you are interested.

Updated on 7. March 2023

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