What is Splash?

Splash is a header type where the image always fills the whole screen, no matter how big the browser window is. Splash does not have a fixed height like ‘Large Header’ or ‘Small Header’, but always adjusts itself. You can only see the content below when you scroll.

The purpose of this is to improve the appearance. Or even to draw attention to the image or an important message, as the content cannot distract. Often visually strong and appealing images are used and are mainly used for the home page.

Where can I find this setting?

  • Go to menus > Menu item Settings (of a page)
  • Under ‘Layout’ you find the header types

Not every design template has all header types (for display reasons). So if Splash is not shown for ‘Layout’, it is not available for this design template.

Example of a page with Splash. The image fills the whole screen (after the menu and logo).
The content below is only visible when you scroll further down.
Updated on 7. March 2023

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