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How can I forward a domain?

You can set up domain forwarding quickly and easily at any time via your myhosttech customer center. Go to the Domains section, click on Details for the relevant domain and select Redirect from the drop-down menu. Now the desired target URL can be stored. It may take up to 6 hours for the redirect to work as expected.

The prerequisite for using the forwarding function is that the hosttech name servers are stored.
If you use external name servers, you can ask your DNS administrator if they also offer such a function.

Alternatively, you can switch the name servers to hosttech in your myhosttech customer center. Please note, however, that any DNS settings stored by your external provider will then no longer work. This may lead to inactivity of services such as mail come.
So if you change the name servers, you must add all relevant DNS records to us.

Customers who use the domain reselling platform and/or DNS editor can not perform the forwarding in this way. A redirect would have to be created using a .htaccess file, which is stored directly on the server in the root directory.

Updated on 7. March 2023

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