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Email certificate does not match

If you receive this or a similar message when setting up your email address on a client (PC/smartphone/tablet), this can have various reasons.

The two most common reasons are that either the e-mail address was not set up correctly, or that you indicated when booking your hosting that you did not want to book the SSL mail encryption.

If your access data sheet does not say “SSL / TLS yes”, then you have not booked the encryption. In this case you can go to your myhosttech customer center on the left under “Servercenter> Server Center” under your product, click on “Product Upgrade” to book the additional service. You can then download the access data sheet again.
If you don’t have the “Product Upgrade” button, contact our customer service via the ticket system on the left to activate the function for your hosting subscription.

If your access data sheet says “SSL / TLS yes”, but you still get a message about the certificate that the name does not match, then you have the wrong incoming or outgoing email server when setting up your email email address used. When setting up, you will then receive the message that you have now. If you ignore these, the email address will be set up and it will work, but you will get a message when we renew the certificate because then your client (PC/smartphone/tablet) will notice that something has changed.

You may have to set up your email address from scratch. Especially with e-mail addresses that were set up in Apple Mail, we often notice that just changing the server is not enough, the entire e-mail address has to be set up again.
If you previously used POP3, be sure to back up your email before deleting an account.

You can also use your own domain with the Plesk Control Panel. However, this requires that the names imap.yourdomain.eu and smtp.yourdomain.eu refer to the IP address of the server via DNS records .
Then, when installing the Let’s Encrypt certificate , you can specify that your domain’s IMAP/SMTP should also be secured, and you can then use those two names to set up your email address.
Incoming mail server: imap.yourdomain.eu
Outgoing mail server: smtp.yourdomain.eu
The ports (IMAP: 993 / SMTP: 465) remain the same.

Updated on 7. March 2023

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